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The opening amount of which was “Here Is the dawning of the era of Aquarius”, or was that the primary line? There are various theories about the beginning of the period of Aquarius. What most astrologers agree on yet is that we have been in the time of Aquarius.

Nevertheless, powers, because of various reasons, variables etc. The twelve “periods” run in inverse sequence to the most common signs of the zodiac.

Many astrologers take the perspective the era of Aquarius is the period when mankind takes control of the Earth, plus it is own destiny. This being our tradition. Naturally you can see an immediate issue here, as astrology teaches us, that we’re in fact affected by the cosmos around us, since if it’s accurate. We can really never be fully in control of our personal destiny. Either as people, or as humans.

This makes us simple puppets afterward? Certainly not, we all have options. Our selections determine ways and the routes we choose throughout life, for better or worse. Again, we are able to keep coming back to everyone being affected by the cosmos, so are our “options” in fact predetermined? Complicated is not it?
I am hoping I’ve got you believe additionally. Still, back to the time of Aquarius.

About 250 years, yet this continues. Not entirely in the era of Aquarius, and still being affected in part by the time of Pisces.

The inverse arrangement applies to the “Periods”, meaning that before the time of Aquarius we’d the period of Pisces, and following the time of Aquarius will come the period of Capricorn.

Astrology -The Age of AquariusSome astrologers consider that “Periods” influence humans generally and also people to some level or other. Whilst others don’t believe that people are influenced so much as cultures, like the great Roman Empire was at its most strong in the “era” of Pisces.

Obviously this is open to interpretation, making this such a fascinating topic. Personally I do not see how amazing bodies of folks i.e. cultures, can be changed without the individuals that make up that culture being changed. It’s not impossible of course that every person is influenced in a way that is similar. So each interpretation may not be incorrect.

In this time it’s recognised that some people will gain the enlightenment of the age of Aquarius. These individuals will naturally tend to eventually become influential people that are great. Let’s trust it is going to function as influence for good which will predominate. Personally, I consider that it’ll be thus. Can there actually be any alternative?



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